Care-full objects is a recent and ongoing project I have been working on. I see this project as a response to the COVID pandemic and the recent rise of cases in The Netherlands.

I have been interested in artworks as objects as of late. This project is one of my explorations within this topic of interest.

The objects in question are hand carved (suggestion of) horses out of soap bars. They are all hand carved by me with care. I plan on making a large quantity of them and giving them out to people who are dear to me and probably a few in the studio sinks.

I believe that the pandemic has led us to perceive certain objects differently. crowds. hands. and soap.

I have made these objects with the intention of them to keep their owners' hands clean and hygienic during these times, however, once it is handed over to them, they might do whatever they please with them. They could be an ornament. or an inconveniently fragile keychain. But if they were, hypothetically to be used as soap, the object's form and shape will be in a state of constant mutation, making it ephemeral and time-based.