I want to make an object that resembles a stool. It is not a stool, but rather, an object that shares similar features to it (which is a flat surface that offers the suggestion/invitation for you to sit on, with appendages that resembles limbs/legs, except in this case, they actually ARE limbs/legs). A stool is a stool by definition because it is a _seat_ without arms, typically resting on three to four legs or on a single pedestal. Note how I underlined seat- which means a thing made or used for sitting on- in which, this object is not. It suggest so due to it’s features, but I have, however, consciously decided that this will be an object of its own with no utilitarian use whatsoever. It is existing in space, and exists autonomously. I might give it a name. It’s a stool stool! (Get it? Because stool also means “faeces”? It’s a shitty stool! Except that it’s not even a stool so it negates my previous statement. No? Ok.)