An introduction;

"where does this end?" is a small little project/ experimentation I am working on.

This experimentation was very much a response to the uncalled CoVid-19 lockdown. With physical restraints of accessing the studios; this has changed our current way of viewing works, where everything is to be seen in a website on a screen.

The past few weeks of Skype talks with tutors has led to me formulating a few questions, namely; How will my works be perceived online as opposed to them being perceived/seen directly in person?

And since we are left with no choice but to use our websites as a medium of presenting our work, I decided to play around and take advantage of the medium and nature that is of this website- this project is specifically made to be perceived from this site. There is no other alternative way of viewing it, as opposed to uploading a particular work onto a website just as a means of archiving/presenting.

In my previous section called "quarantine (buffer zone)" I have been experimenting on ways to present the drawings I have made- which is either by isolating the drawing in itself and simply uploading a page from my sketchbook.

I then thought, If I were to isolate these drawings by their form, where does the drawing end? Where exactly is the frame? Should one section be considered a drawing of it's own? Or is it perhaps a conglomeration of many smaller drawings and compositions? What if you can click on one of these drawings/forms, and they grow? Would it make it interactive? Would it then become a new/different composition/drawing?

Perhaps what I find very interesting in this way of perceiving (through this site) is that it results in a number of different possibilities of perceiving it and it ultimately has a different result every time, as these compositions are dependent on the size of the viewer's screens, whether they are viewing it from their phone, and even the size of their browsers, which one could expand/shrink/drag. I would suggest you to try it for yourself!

These are of course just silly questions I have came up with. Below are different pages of me attempting to play around experiment with this idea further!